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ZdravCity Service Became Partner to Yandex.Health

August 3, 2017. ZdravCity Online Service which belongs to CV PROTEK pharmacy distributor, became available through the Yandex.Health Application (Medicines Section). ZdravCity helps to find detailed descriptions of drugs, find out their cost and availability and allows to immediately order them in the selected pharmacy. It is possible to buy goods in any of the 14 thousand pharmacies across the country working with ZdravCity. Подробнее...

CV PROTEK Joined the Expert Structures under the FCS of Russia

In July 2017, Nikolai Polyansky, Deputy General Director of CV PROTEK Central Committee for External Relations was included into the Expert Advisory Council for the Implementation of the Customs Policy and into the Public Council under the FCS of Russia. Подробнее...

PROTEK To Begin Construction of Warehousing Facility “TRANSSERVICE-3”

At the Russian Pharmaceutical Forum on 17 May in St. Petersburg Director General of CV PROTEK Dmitry Pogrebinsky spoke about the efficiency of the commodity distribution chain using the example of the 4Pl operator. Подробнее...

CV PROTEK was awarded with “Platinum Ounce”

The organizers of the competition awarded the honorary diploma and the prize – the platinum ounce – to Dmitry Pogrebinsky, General Director of CV PROTEK.


A New Warehousing Facility Opened in the Transservice Logistics Park (PROTEK Group)

The opening of the new 23 thousand square meter terminal designed for 42 thousand pallet positions increased the total area of the Transservice Logistics Park to 80 thousand square meters. Подробнее...

CV PROTEK becomes the only Russian company in the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

IFPW represents wholesalers and wholesaler associations in 26 countries comprising 40% of the global distribution market. Подробнее...

The number of members of pharmacy union “ProApteka” reached 1 000

As of today “ProApteka” unites single pharmacies and little networks from 31 regions of Russia. Подробнее...

CV «PROTEK» becomes one of the top three employers in the industry

CV «PROTEK» has taken the 57th position in the overall rating of the Russia’s best employers. Подробнее...

CV «PROTEK» Leads the 2016 TOP-10 Major Distributors

The combined share of the TOP-10 major distributors in the market of direct sales of medicines over the last year exceeded 80%, of which «PROTEK» accounted for more than 18%. Подробнее...

The CV “PROTEK” is recognized as the most influential distributor of pharmaceutical market

Leaders of the annual “Influence Rating of subjects of the pharmaceutical market of Russia” were announced on 16 February as part of a festive evening to celebrate the 23th  anniversary of the founding of the newspaper “Pharmaceutical Vestnik”. Подробнее...

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