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CV «PROTEK» Leads the 2016 TOP-10 Major Distributors

The combined share of the TOP-10 major distributors in the market of direct sales of medicines over the last year exceeded 80%, of which «PROTEK» accounted for more than 18%. Подробнее...

The CV “PROTEK” is recognized as the most influential distributor of pharmaceutical market

Leaders of the annual “Influence Rating of subjects of the pharmaceutical market of Russia” were announced on 16 February as part of a festive evening to celebrate the 23th  anniversary of the founding of the newspaper “Pharmaceutical Vestnik”. Подробнее...

New Year’s Serpentine Streamer Event for the Children of Severnoye Medvedkovo

On December 28, 2016 PROTEK Charitable Foundation took part in the New Year’s Serpentine Streamer celebration held within the scope of the Health for the People charity care program for disabled children and children from large families of the Severnoye Medvedkovo MO (Municipal District) of Moscow. Подробнее...

CV PROTEK Becomes a Distributor No. 1

At the end of 9 months of 2016 CV PROTEK became a leader again in the total cumulative rating of the largest pharmaceutical distributors, according to IMS Health analytical agency. Подробнее...

PROTEK Charitable Foundation: 10 years of good deeds

On November 29, PROTEK Charitable Foundation hosted the “Let Children’s Dreams Come True” charity event in Moscow. Подробнее...

CV PROTEK has commissioned a new warehouse in Kaliningrad

CV PROTEK, a leading national pharmaceutical distributor in the Russian market, has commissioned a new warehouse complex in Kaliningrad. Подробнее...

Let Children’s Dreams Come True Charity Action in Honour of the Tenth Anniversary of PROTEK Charitable Foundation

On November 29, 2016, Crocus City Hall will host the Let Children’s Dreams Come True charity event in honour of the tenth anniversary of PROTEK Charitable Foundation. Подробнее...

CV PROTEK has established ProApteka pharmacy marketing association

CV PROTEK – distributor of pharmaceutical products – has established ProApteka marketing association. Подробнее...

PROTEK has joined North Medvedkovo Municipal Administration Project

CV PROTEK  and PROTEK Charitable Foundation have participated in the project initiated by the North Medvedkovo Municipal Department. Подробнее...

CV PROTEK’s executives acknowledged Best Managers of Russia

PROTEK executives are ranked among the best managers of Russia. Подробнее...

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