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A New Warehousing Facility Opened in the Transservice Logistics Park (PROTEK Group)

On April 20, as part of its investment program to develop warehousing, PROTEK Group commissioned a new warehouse facility, Transservice-2.

The new facility is the second operating facility of the Transservice Logistics Park in the near-Moscow Pushkino (14 kilometers down the Yaroslavskoye Highway). The opening of the new 23 thousand square meter terminal designed for 42 thousand pallet positions increased the total area of the Transservice Logistics Park to 80 thousand square meters. Warehouse facilities occupy 60 thousand square meters of the Park's space and accommodate 100 thousand pallet positions.

According to the design documentation, in 2020 the Transservice Logistics Park will consolidate six warehouse terminals.

By this time, the total area of the Transservice Logistics Pharmpark will have reached 160 thousand square meters to contain warehouses with 250 thousand pallet positions.

The Logistics Park's facilities qualify as A+ class and are according to the GDP and GSP standards by the German company SSI SCHÄFER. The high quality of storage is ensured by the receipt control and the availability of four storage modes: 15-25 0C, 8-15 0C, 2-8 0C and up to minus 30 0C.

The new Logistics Park will be fully integrated with the infrastructure of the CV PROTEK distributor company, which will enable it to act as a 4Pl operator and render a comprehensive service ranging from the storage of manufacturers' goods through the delivery of goods to pharmacies and including attendance to custom formalities, shipments to the distributor and operations under direct contracts with pharmacy chains. Thus, the site in Pushkino integrates all the elements of the pharmaceutical products movement, i.e. the production, distribution and retail, thus increasing the effectiveness of their synergies and reducing the costs of each participant in the process.

“Given the realities of the day, the growing volume of services provided by the distribution segment (Transservice and CV PROTEK) and the interest in the services manifested by manufacturers and pharmacy chains, we decided to invest in additional storage capacities. The space of the new terminals and the level of services rendered will meet the highest requirements of the customers and the market”, explains PROTEK president Vadim Muzyaev


TRANSSERVICE Custom is a specialized logistics operator, member of PROTEK Group. Based on an advanced logistics park with the capacity of 40,000 pallet positions located in Moscow oblast, TRANSSERVICE Custom provides a full range of services to the participants of the Russian pharmaceutical market. The terminal meets international GDP and GSP standards and ensures multi-temperature storage complete with continuous cold chain technology.

The integration of TRANSSERVICE Custom's infrastructure with the distributor company CV Protek makes it possible to offer customers a full range of customs, logistic and warehousing services.

The 2015-2021 investment program has started the expansion of the existing storage facilities. In April 2017, a new terminal, TRANSSERVICE-2, was put into operation. By 2021, the area of the TRANSSERVICE Pharmaceutical Logistics Park will have reached 160 thousand square meters to hold 250 thousand pallet positions. 

About PROTEK Group

PROTEK Group is one of the major Russian pharmaceutical companies. The Group has a diversified business structure and operates in all major segments of the pharmaceutical industry:

- Production of medicines (“Sotex “PharmFirm”),

- Distribution of pharmaceuticals and health & beauty products (CV “PROTEK”),

- Retail sales (Rigla Pharmacy Chain).

The total number of the Group's employees is about 14 thousand. The consolidated revenue of PROTEK Group for the 12 months of 2016 increased by 23.6% to RUB 241.5 billion (audited data).

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