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CV PROTEK has established ProApteka pharmacy marketing association

CV PROTEK – distributor of pharmaceutical products – has established ProApteka marketing association, a federal trade union of independent pharmacies.

ProApteka is a stable system that facilitates communication of CV Protek, pharmacies, and manufacturers for joint implementation of the marketing events.
ProApteka’s goal is to consolidate professional independent pharmacies to enhance its profitability, stability, and competitiveness.
Additional income can be get by ProApteka members by the following:

  • Better purchasing conditions from CV PROTEK,
  • Computerized and centralized marketing function,
  • Revenue from CV PROTEK private label products,
  • Manufacturers’ marketing programs.

ProApteka makes key competitive advantages of the large pharmacy chains available to independent pharmacies, strengthens their market position, and enhances efficiency of the pharmacies by computerizing business processes.
ProApteka is an opportunity to work in the marketing partnership with CV Protek using its resources and competence in cooperation with the manufacturers.

As for the manufacturers, ProApteka means an opportunity to conduct marketing promotion campaigns under the uniform standards, and enhance efficiency of marketing budget’s efficiency.

Olga Smirnova, CV PROTEK Business Development Director, has explained the goal for establishment of the association, “CV PROTEK is interested in preserving professional independent pharmacies to keep marketing forces in balance as it consider the prospects of association and computerization of such pharmacies to be beneficial for all members. We value and respect the professionalism of the independent pharmacies. They know and understand their business well, that is why we offer them a cooperation format that implies comfortable independence.

Our idea is to add pharmacy business processes with the functions that make the major portion of pharmacy revenues i.e. manufacturers’ marketing programs and private labels. To accomplish this, single pharmacies and chains need consolidation function, provided by CV PROTEK – a partner, they have had trust over the course of 26 years. CV PROTEK offers the appropriate resources and experience to facilitate prompt involvement of pharmacies and manufacturers in mutually beneficial cooperation. The ongoing project dynamic start will contribute to the market stability and financial success of all its participants.”

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