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CV "PROTEK" introduces usage of returnable containers

CV "PROTEK" announces the start of the use of returnable containers in the supplies of the products from the Central warehouse "TRANSSERVICE", which is located in the suburban Pushkin and covers Moscow, Moscow region, Voronezh region, Orel region, Tula region, Nizhny Novgorod region, Ryazan region, Ivanovo region, Tambov region, Lipetsk region, Bryansk region, Vladimir region, Kaluga region, Smolensk region and Tver region.

At present time, the additional agreements have already been signed with key clients that are provided from the Central warehouse of CV "PROTEK", including the pharmacy chain "Rigla". In June 2016, the process of transition of the clients of storage terminal "TRANSSERVICE " on returnable containers will have been completed.

The use of plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes for product delivery is profitable both for distributor and for its clients – pharmacies and pharmacy chains. After transition to returnable containers the distributor can significantly reduce costs and the pharmacies can save on cardboard utilization and facilitate compliance with the sanitary and hygienic conditions in the premises, because during storage the returnable containers take up 4-5 times less space than disposable ones. In addition, plastic containers ensure the higher degree of product safety during transportation.

Transition to returnable containers at the Central warehouse of the company is the next stage of realization of the large-scale project of CV "PROTEK". Returnable containers have already been introduced in the company's affiliated branches in Yekaterinburg (2012) and St. Petersburg (2015).

Until 2019, the implementation of returnable containers will have been completed at large logistics centers of CV "PROTEK" in all regions where the company operates.

"The experience of distributors and pharmacies of Europe and the USA shows that the use of returnable containers allows to optimize the logistics costs. We were convinced of this on the successful experience of the project in the storage facilities of CV "PROTEK" in Ekaterinburg and St. Petersburg", – commented General Manager of CV "PROTEK" Dmitry Pogrebinsky.

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