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New Year’s Serpentine Streamer Event for the Children of Severnoye Medvedkovo

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On December 28, 2016 PROTEK Charitable Foundation took part in the New Year’s Serpentine Streamer celebration held within the scope of the Health for the People charity care program for disabled children and children from large families of the Severnoye Medvedkovo MO (Municipal District) of Moscow.  

Gymnasium School No. 1506 welcomed this special event. The most important guests of the celebration were more than 250 children. That fabulous night little visitors could meet costumed characters and entertainers, could take part in games and competitions, a soap bubble show and a stage show. And certainly Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost) and Snegurochka (the Snow Maiden) gave a New Year gift to each child.

The New Year gifts which PROTEK Charitable Foundation provided to the entities and needy families of the district were certificates for receipt of:
  - a television set for GBOU (State Budgetary Educational Institution) school No. 1 of Moscow Educational Complex;
- a vacuum cleaner, a refrigerator, an iron and an ironing press for GBOU Kindergarten 1 of Moscow General Education Complex;
- a half year’s supply of shoe covers and disposable diapers for GBUZ (State Budgetary Healthcare Institution) of Moscow Children’s City Outpatient Centre No. 11 of the Department of Health of Moscow;
- a half-year’s supply of the Nutridrink special food for a disabled child;
- pharmaceuticals for a disabled child from a large family;
- a microwave oven for a large family with a disabled child;
- a spring mattress for a large family with a disabled child;
- two baby cribs with mattresses for a large family.

  “For a long period of time our foundation cooperates with the Board of Severnoye Medvedkovo and Municipal Entity Pallada leisure and sports centre rendering charitable assistance to the needy social groups — veterans, the disabled, financially disadvantaged citizens and large families,” Dmitry Pogrebinsky, General Director of CV PROTEK, stated in his speech. “Participation in this event has become a good New Year tradition for us and next year we will come to this festive hall and bring presents again.”

  “The head office of PROTEK group of companies is located in Severnoye Medvedkovo for almost 20 years already. We feel that we are involved into the life of this district and always render assistance to those in need, especially to children. May all the children’s problems be resolved by adults during this new year,” Vadim Muzyaev, member of the Supervisory Board of PROTEK Charitable Foundation and PROTEK President stated in his welcome speech.
  Boris Trofimov, Head of Board, handed in letters of gratitude for rendering of charitable assistance and support to Nikolay Polyanskiy, General Director of PROTEK Charitable Foundation, Vadim Muzyaev, PROTEK President, Dmitry Pogrebinsky, General Director of CV PROTEK and to Natalia Veselova, Director of Moscow Regional Administration of CV PROTEK.  
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