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PROTEK has joined North Medvedkovo Municipal Administration Project

CV PROTEK and PROTEK Charitable Foundation have participated in the project initiated by the North Medvedkovo Municipal Department of the monument installation on the 50th Anniversary of VLKSM Garden Square, located at the cross of Tikhomirova and Shokalskogo streets.

The Garden Square is the favorite walk venue of the North Medvedkovo residents. It became a winter tradition to install illuminating figures of parent-bears and three small bears in the center of square garden. This selection was not a random, since the bear is the symbol of the district and a part of its coat of arms.

Boris Trofimov, the Head of the North Medvedkovo Municipal Department, has come forward with the initiative to construct a Polar Bears sculpture group displaying the lovable bear family. CV PROTEK has acted as the co-investor of the monument’s construction and installation. Donation has been made within the framework of PROTEK Charitable Foundation “Health to People” Program pursuing social, cultural, educational, and public-spirited objectives.

On October 18, Boris Trofimov, the Head of the Municipal Department, handed ceremonial certificates and polar bear small figures, copying the future monument, to Dmitry Pogrebinsky, the General Director of CV PROTEK and Nikolay Polyansky, the General Director of PROTEK Charitable Foundation. Boris Trofimov also highly appreciated the company’s initiative and its involvement in the district social life.

Dmitry Pogrebinsky, the General Director of CV PROTEK has commented on the participation in the project, “Throughout its entire history CV PROTEK has been provided support for cultural, educational, and charity projects in North Medvedkovo. Our Charitable Foundation has been offering charitable assistance to Babushkinsky Social Service Center for many years. We have solid ties and feel responsibility to the district community”.

Having heard about the idea to construct and install the Polar Bears sculpture group we could not step away, since our head office is located close to the Garden Square; our employees pass it on their way to the office and walk around here with their children in the evening. I’m sure they will proudly show the company’s name in the list of donators on the monument to their relatives”.

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