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Protek helps people

Protek Charitable Foundation announced its results of operations for the full year 2014. The core activity of the Foundation is the implementation of the Health to People charitable program. The purpose of this program is to improve the quality of life of vulnerable social groups and to contribute to better health care of Russian people.

The Health to People program includes two lines of activity: financial support to disabled people and gratuitous provision of medicines. In 2014, the program has joined by leading Russian and foreign companies, such as CV Protek, Protek-SVM, FarmFirm "Sotex" JSC, Rigla LLC, Rigla-MO LLC, Novo Nordisk, Valenta, Avantage, Glenmark, Geropharm, Standarty Farmatsevticheskogo Rynka SRO, Aptechnaya Set–03 LLC, Prodis LLC, Torgoviy Dom "Tay", Peptek JSC, Evalar JSC and others. The total amount of donations under the program amounted to 15,478,301 rubles.

When collaborating with the State budget institution Territorial Center of Social Service "Babushkinskiy" (SBI TCSS) the Foundation provided financial support to disabled World War II veterans, orphans and children deprived of parental care, as well as to needy and large families. In 2014, Protek Charitable Foundation provided financial support to 712 people amounting to 912,000 roubles.

At the requests of the Ministry of Health and local authorities, the Foundation donated free medicines in 83 regions of the country, including medicines for cancer and cardiovascular disease. Free medicines required for treatment of seriously ill needy patients are distributed through health care organizations, as well as through non-profit organizations, such as orphan asylums, societies for veterans and disabled people, community foundations and religious organizations. Through the extensive logistics structure of CV Protek, the founder and key donor, the Foundation can make supplies to any regions of the country, and socially disadvantaged people are able to receive medicines free of charge.

Protek Charitable Foundation was founded in 2006. The main activity of the Foundation is financial and medication assistance to disadvantaged segments of the population of the Russian Federation.

The mission of Protek Foundation is to build a healthy future for Russian people through the creation of an atmosphere of corporate social responsibility to the community and involvement of clients and partners in the Foundation's activities.

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