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The First ZdravCity Pharmacy Opened on MCC

The First ZdravCity Pharmacy Opened on MCC

On 4 July, a pharmacy under the brand name ZdravCity (a member of Pharmacies Marketing Assosiation “ProApteka”) was opened at Izmaylovskaya station on the Moscow Central Circle (MCC).

The area of the retail outlet is 55 sq. meter.

The pharmacy’s main function is servicing of customers making orders via online-service (www.zdravcity.ru). More than 10 thousand items are available for users. 25% discount is granted for all product range if you buy via the website. The ordered products will be delivered next day - the customer will be sent an SMS that notifies on change of its status.

Around 5 thousand items of pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals are presented directly in the pharmacy. 5% discount is granted for offline products within July.

Furthermore, you may order the necessary medicines at the checkout.

Due to the program “My Health” which is available when you both make an order via ZdravCity website and buy directly at the pharmacy at Izmailovskaya, medical therapy becomes more affordable for patients who are granted 15% discount.

“One of the directions of our strategy for the foreseeable future is active promotion, communications of the ZdravCity brand and program “My Health” both among our potential partners in retail and producing sectors of the pharmaceutical market and among end users. We believe in promising outlook of this project as it meets our customers’ interests”, said Vadim Muzyaev, CV PROTEK President.

“We have opened only the first ZdravCity pharmacy on Moscow Central Circle. There are going to be six such outlets before the end of 2018. Now, the user will not have to look for the nearest pharmacy in order to receive the products he or she ordered via ZdravCity website; he or she will be able to receive them on the way home. Provision of comfortable conditions for buying medical products is one of the task of this CV PROTEK project, in addition to saving time and resources of the end user”, Dmitry Pogrebinsky, General Director of CV PROTEK, said.

“Opening pharmacies on MCC is a challenging and resource-intensive project. However, we think that it is very promising project. This is a project of a smart-pharmacy that will allow many people - foot traffic of one MCC station is 30 thousand people at least - to save both money and time when buying health and beauty products by making order in the morning and receiving it in the evening”, Evgeniy Korotkov, General Director of Pharmacies Marketing Association “ProApteka”, said.

Before the end of 2018, “ProApteka” is going to open pharmacies under brand ZdravCity at MCC stations: Delovoy Tsentr, Verkhnie Kotly, Novokhokhlovskaya, Streshnevo and Panfilovskaya.

For information

ZdravCity is an online service of the pharma distributor CV PROTEK, making it possible for a final consumer to order pharmaceuticals by paying for the products and receiving them in the nearest pharmacy. About 15 thousand pharmacies in 78 regions of the RF (Russian Federation) are connected to the service. 10 thousand items of the assortment of the leading pharma distributor of the country are presented on the website.

The program “My Health” is a common project of CV PROTEK and the leading pharmaceutical companies aimed to make available for patients necessary treatment and to encourage adherence to the medical therapy prescribed by the attending doctor.

Medical therapy becomes more affordable for the patients participating at the program due to substantial discounts as high as 15%. Furthermore, personal extra discounts are provided for those who buy medication in course volumes.

The patients may buy pharmaceutical products at the reduced price when they use points earned with previous purchases at the pharmacies.

At the beginning of 2018, the list of medicinal products under “My Health” program has included more than 250 items of which the course, expensive and rare medicines are of particular importance for patients.

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