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Upon results of 9 months of the year 2017 ProApteka is the leader of pharmacy unions

Marketing union of independent pharmacies ProApteka ranks first in the rating of pharmacy associations upon results of III quarter 2017 prepared by analytical agency IQVIA, in terms of direct sales volume. According to the analysts’ data, the union share at pharmaceutical market amounted to 3.63%. 

In the rating published earlier by analytical company RNC Pharma, ProApteka also ranks first among pharmacy associations. Its share at pharmaceutical market, according to RNC, is 3.5% and at non-pharmaceutical market – 1.6%. In general, excluding pharmaceutical benefits sector, ProApteka holds 3.1% of the market. 

“Up to date the number of pharmacies being members of ProApteka union has reached 3 thousand points. This year we were emphasizing their product grid and developed conditions for attracting manufacturers. Currently, our main task is to prepare action plan to ensure sales stimulation, increase of average bill, increase pharmacies efficiency and service standards. Members of ProApteka union have affiliated with the federal program Moe zdorovye (My Health) in scope thereof they can account for customer flow increase. During 2018, we shall develop transparent system both for procurement and sales; it shall ensure to eliminate main problem the pharmacies frequently face: glut”, comments the General Director of ProApteka Evgeny Korotkov


ProApteka id the marketing union of independent professional pharmacies founded by the leading Russian pharmaceutical distributor CV PROTEK (PROTEK Group) in August 2016. The union provides independent pharmacies with basic advantages of major pharmacy chains facilitating increase of profitability, sustainability  and competitiveness and, therefore, consolidating their market position.

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