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CV PROTEK launched My Health affordable care initiative

Мое здоровье_наклейка.jpgIn early September, a largest pharmaceutical distributor CV PROTEK (GC Protek) in partnership with the major manufacturers launched My Health initiative to enhance affordability of pharmacological therapy to patients, whereas its capabilities are accessible both to individuals and charities.

For project members the cost of pharmacological therapy drastically subsides due to sizable discounts for a wide range of products, including rare ones. First and foremost, the product line will contain expensive and long-term administration drugs.

As of now, the list comprises some 100 items, and is expected to be expanded to 300 names by the end of the year.

The treatment course discounts shall vary from 15% to 70%. Apart from that, My Health initiative envisions additional discounts for regular administration of drugs by courses.

To join My Health initiative, a patient just needs to:

·         call the toll-free number of the initiative


·         sign up at www.moezdorovie.ru website


·         sign up at the www.zdravcity.ru online portal for ordering drugs, beauty and health products (the project has brought together 14,000 pharmacies in 78 regions of Russia)


·         visit a pharmacy that is a partner of the My Health initiative and is affiliated with the ProApteka marketing association of independent pharmacies.

Eligible as potential My Health initiative partners shall be manufacturing pharma companies which are prepared to offer at least 15% off a product retail price to an end customer for 6 months minimum. The partners will have guaranteed targeted discounts for their products for end customers, will be provided with end-to-end reports enabling to itemise each receipt and personify the treatment history of each consumer who is partner to the initiative.

“My Health initiative is a social project seeking to promote commitment of patients to treatment. An extra discount becomes a crucial incentive in favour of meeting all the doctor’s prescriptions. The initiative offers aggregated discounts from partnering manufacturers which we translate to the end customer. The project is interesting for the manufacturers seeking to enhance affordability of their products. Protek acts as the provider and guarantees their patient schemes shall be effective and affordable to end consumers. In the scope of the partnership the pharmacies may count on larger client stream. Thus, protecting patient interests My Health initiative meets the business requirements of all partners,” says Olga Smirnova, CV PROTEK Chief Development Officer.

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