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CV PROTEK presents new cooperation pattern

CV PROTEK presents new cooperation patternOn 20–21 September 2016, CV PROTEK held press conferences for key suppliers of medicines and parapharmaceutical products. The event took place at the company’s central warehouse in Pushkino (Moscow region) and covered the new cooperation pattern that combined services of CV PROTEK as a distributor and TRANSSERVICE as a logistics operator.

The event started with a tour around the existing central warehouse equipped in compliance with GDP/GSP international standards and capable of handling more than 600,000 order lines per day. The conference attendees then visited the TRANSSERVICE-2 facility, which is under construction and will be commissioned in Q1 2017.

During the official part, PROTEK President Vadim Muzyaev announced PROTEK Group’s semi-annual performance figures and its investments in manufacture, distribution, and retail. In 1HY-2016, the overall investments totalled RUB 1,744 million, including RUB 798 million as the investment budget for the Group’s distribution business. Dmitry Pogrebinsky, CV PROTEK General Director, reported on a new development cycle of Distribution segment. Due to constructing of the new TRANSSERVICE-2 warehousing facility, the segment is now able to offer its key suppliers a new cooperation pattern: 4Pl supply integrator is in charge of the entire delivery chain: customs procedures, temporary storage warehouse, pharmacy and distributor warehouses, IT technologies, and deliveries to any location in Russia. As a result, PROTEK is launching a “one-window” service helping foreign manufacturers to avoid operation of their own warehouses in Russia, while improving inventory management and cutting costs due to reduced number of product-related operations by using a unique cell storage system.

The benefits of the new vs. existing cooperation pattern, please watch video. Such companies as Nizhpharm, Unique, Reckitt Benckiser, Egis, and Johnson & Johnson have already been using this pattern. Their representatives shared successful cases with the conference attendees, whereas a Federal Customs Service official confirmed legitimacy of the cell storage system, used in Russia only by PROTEK warehouse.

Vadim Yakunin, Chairman of PROTEK Board of Directors, made a closing speech. He summed up the conference topic and appealed for new cooperation pattern.

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