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Management of the Group of Companies (GC) Protek to Rank in “TOP-1000 Russian Managers”

Top managers of GC Protek were included unto the 18th annual rating “TOP-1000 Russian Managers” prepared by the Russian Managers Association and Publishing House Kommersant. 

The President of GC Protek Vadim Muzyaev (“Pharmaceutics”) and the General Director of Pharmacy Chain Rigla Aleksandr Filippov (“Sales”) ranked in the section “Top Managers”.

TOP-10 Pharmaceutical Commercial Directors included the First Deputy for the General Director of CV PROTEK Vladimir Malinnikov; and TOP-10 of Sales and Marketing Directors included the Director for Marketing and Advertizing Department of the Pharmacy Chain Rigla Natalia Burdina.

Rating “TOP-1000 Russian Managers” summarizes annual operational results and determines the most professional managers in Russia, upon opinion of the professional community representatives. Specifically, rating criteria for Top Managers are management expertise and contribution to the company’s development. Candidates for the section “Marketing Director” are evaluated upon their marketing activities.

Managers to top rank the “TOP-1000 Russian Managers” are nominated for the final award of the Russian Managers Association. 

“Representatives of GC Protek structural departments’ management are annually included into the best top-manager ratings. Along with decent financial results for the Group of Companies to show, Protek top management ranking in the rating can testify for high management competence level and efficiency of business processes introduced in the company,” notes the President of GC Protek Vadim Muzyaev.

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