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PROTEK Charitable Foundation: 10 years of good deeds

On November 29, PROTEK Charitable Foundation hosted the “Let Children’s Dreams Come True” charity event in Moscow. The purpose of the event was to raise funds needed for helping children with disabilities requiring treatment and rehabilitation. It was held in honour of the tenth anniversary of the Charitable Foundation.

PROTEK Charitable Foundation was established in 2006 by PROTEK Group. The first and main mission of the Foundation is the implementation of “HEALTH TO PEOPLE” charity programme aimed at providing free medical drugs, strengthening the nation's health and helping the socially vulnerable citizens. Over the years of charitable activities, the Foundation has provided assistance equal to more than 300 million Rubles.

“Business is to be socially responsible, and not only in the framework of payment of taxes in full but also in terms of other charitable initiatives,” noted Vadim Gennadievich Muzyaev, the member of the Foundation’s Guardianship Board and President of PROTEK. “Every responsible manager should have, apart from his/her business position, a civil position in terms of the society and needy citizens.”

The purpose of the anniversary event of PROTEK Charitable Foundation, which took place on 29 November at the Crocus City Hall, was to collect funding for children suffering from severe chronic diseases amounted for 4 mln. Rubles. Collected funds will be used for paying operations, treatments and rehabilitation of children.

Both permanent benefactors and new partners of the Foundation: OOO Samson-Pharma and Samson Charitable Foundation, OOO Farmtek, OOO KRKA Farma, OOO Bitner Pharma, ZAO Egis Pharmaceutical Factory, ZAO Evalar, JSC Peptek, Merz Pharma LLC, ZAO DIADAR, OOO Trading House Tai, ZAO DOMpharma, IPT GROUP and others took part in the Let Children’s Dreams Come True event. For the contribution to the charitable activities, PROTEK Foundation particularly thanks OOO NEO-PHARM, represented by Evgenii Nifantiev. The following segments of Protek Group also made their donations: PROTEK Promotion Center CJSC, OOO Rigla, ZAO FarmFirma Soteks.

Benefactors were awarded a “Family Symbol”, a bronze composition consisting of three figures: father, mother and child. The composition was chosen not by chance: the prototype of the souvenir was a craft created by students from Mytishchi Musical Education School (MBOU for orphans and children deprived of parental care). PROTEK Charitable Foundation has been supporting this institution for several years.

“We regularly receive applications for assistance,” told Nikolai Evgenievich Poliansky, the General Director of PROTEK Charitable Foundation. “And such applications are not only from parents of children in need. We are handling applications from children's homes, boarding schools, public organisations, social services centres and other foundations seeking sponsorship for the treatment of children. For example, we work closely with Soedinenie Foundation for Support to Deafblind, Pensioner, non-governmental organizations: Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society, Ravnie Vozmozhnosti, Severnoe Medvedkovo, Blago, Centre for Assistance to Families in a Difficult Situation, Kitezh to jointly maintain the needy. All the information about PROTEK Charitable Foundation is available at www.bfprotek.ru. ”

The Foundation plans to continue its activities under the HEALTH TO PEOPLE programme as well as to extend assistance for children.

PROTEK Charitable Foundation thanks ID Bionika for informational support of the event.
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