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PROTEK Group of Companies is building a Logistics Park

PROTEK Group of Companies is currently extending its storage capacities in the vicinities of Moscow (in Pushkino, 14 kilometres from Moscow down Yaroslavskoye Highway). According to the design documentation the Distribution Pharmpark in Pushkino will include, along with the existing and operating warehouse and Transservice-2 warehouse facility under construction, two additional warehouse facilities: Transservice-3 and Transservice-4. The total area of PROTEK Distribution Pharmpark will be 120,000 m2 with over 200,000 palette spaces. All facilities within this Pharmpark meet A+ grade of quality and are equipped in accordance with applicable GDP’s and GSP’s. The high quality of storage is assured by the incoming inspection processes and 4 different storage temperature schedules: 15–25 °C, 8–15 °C, 2–8 °C and ≥–30 °C. The new Distribution Pharmpark will be fully integrated into the existing infrastructure of CV PROTEK.

The Distribution Pharmpark will provide its clients with a set of customs consulting, transportation and full-scale warehousing services.

The construction of Transservice-2 warehouse facility with the total area of 23,000 m2 and storage capacity of 42,000 palette spaces commenced in 2015. The building will be put in operation in the 1st quarter of 2017. The completion of construction and commissioning of Transservice-3 and Transservice-4 facilities is scheduled to be in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

“The extension of storage capacities is based on the increasing scope of our services and high loading of the existing storage facilities. At the moment the Transservice-2 facility, which is currently under construction, is already “prebooked” to approximately 70%. The new Distribution Center with its operational capacity will give to manufacturers an opportunity to keep delivery and storage costs down, to minimize the percentage of inventory shortage, as well as to resolve issues of selling product batch leftovers and minimize the percentage of rejects. The highest international standards to which our warehousing facilities will be built shall serve as the best guarantee of reliability and top quality of all our service package,” – explains Dmitry Pogrebinskiy, General Director of PROTEK.

Company profile

CV PROTEK (a PROTEK Group of Companies) – is a leading Russian distributor of pharmaceuticals, beauty and health products operating in the national pharmaceutical market since 1990. The company distributes products to all regions of Russia. The total area of PROTEK’s storage facilities exceeds 160,000 m2, and throughout all its warehousing the company has implemented a unified standard operational system at all levels of distribution starting from accepting goods at the warehouse to distributing the products to retailers.

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