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PROTEK To Begin Construction of Warehousing Facility “TRANSSERVICE-3”

"All investments of the Protek Group of Companies are aimed at reducing costs and increasing efficiency. As we clearly understand, the leader in efficiency is the market leader," said Dmitry Pogrebinsky, Director General of CV PROTEK, speaking at the Russian Pharmaceutical Forum on 17 May in St. Petersburg.

Within the context of the session entitled "Distribution - Operational Efficiency," Mr. Pogrebinsky spoke about the efficiency of the commodity distribution chain using the example of the 4Pl operator. A new work concept has been implemented at the logistics park of the PROTEK Group of Companies in Pushkino (located at the 14 km way point on the Yaroslavsky Highway) - Transservice, fully integrated with the distributor's infrastructure.

Dmitry Pogrebinsky presented three schematics of the logistics park, which unites the distribution capacity of the CV PROTEK group of companies and the customs warehouse ”Transservice.”

The first schematic, based on the interaction of producer and distributor Protek through the Transservice customs warehouse, allows representatives of the manufacturing sector to reduce costs for delivery of goods and warehousing operations (a savings of 1,300 rubles from one pallet, 40,000 rubles from one lot) and reduce the delivery cycle of the goods to three days. "Our warehouses are connected by pallet transporters - the movement of goods takes place within a matter of hours," explained Mr. Pogrebinsky. At the same time, the quality of the goods and the reliability of the service are guaranteed. Within the parameters of this schematic, the financial cycle is also shortened, the producer gets the opportunity to sell the remainder of the product series and minimize defects. This cooperation involves a combination of individual proposals.

The second schematic of interaction provides for direct contracts between the manufacturing and retail segments. It allows the manufacturer to shorten the supply chain and minimize movement of goods, completely eliminating the transportation, due to the location of the manufacturer's warehouses and the pharmacy network on one site. "The use of warehouse capacity of the largest distributors costs pharmacies less than the use of their own warehouses. As a distributor, which has been developing this function for more than 20 years, we offer minimal costs," noted Dmitry Pogrebinsky.

The pharmacy network is guaranteed to reduce loss while maintaining the required product volume.

Within the third scheme, CV PROTEK offers the opportunity to increase the efficiency of the manufacturer's cooperation with other distributors, due to the convenient location of the Transservice logistics park at the 14 km way point on the Yaroslavl highway, and its proximity to main distributors.

"The distributor's product is a standard product. However, our distinct and strongest advantage is our integration with the logistics operator Transservice," said Mr. Pogrebinsky. “By 2020, we plan to build a total of six warehouse terminals for 250,000 pallet spaces with a total area of 160,000 square meters. These are 'A +' class complexes equipped according to GDP and GSP standards, which are included in the design."

On 20 April of this year, second of the park terminals – Transservice-2, with an area of 23,000 square meters and a capacity of 42,000 pallet spaces – was commissioned. The next endeavor will be warehouse complex Transservice-3, with 70,000 pallet spaces and an area of 35,000 square meters. 

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