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The ProApteka marketing association launched a new pattern for sales of goods

In the middle of January ProApteka, a marketing association of independent pharmacies, launched a new pattern for sale of goods, which news was mentioned by Evgeniy Korotkov, General Director of the ProApteka marketing association of independent pharmacies, at the conference entitled “PROjections in the Future: Marketing contract: mutual obligations and benefits!” held on 01–02 February in Krasnaya Polyana.

The first product batches were received by the pharmacies of Moscow region being the association members.

Retail companies being ProApteka’s partners receive more than 500 items of medicines according to the new pattern. This list is expected to expand up to 2–3 thousand items by the end of 2018. The list includes OTC drugs and chronic disease medicines. The cost of goods is reduced by the discount established in the marketing contract between ProApteka and the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

The pharmacy effects payment for the range of goods received from the distributor only upon sale of such goods. The flow of the goods is monitored using the F3Tail software.

The new pattern is offered to the pharmacies that have been working as part of ProApteka for at least 3 months, have complied with all the association’s conditions and have a perfect track record of cooperation. Transition to the F3Tail software provided by the association free of charge is an essential condition. The pharmacies may use ProApteka’s logotype.

“Apart from the grace period for payment the pharmacy will have an additional benefit: reduced terms of receiving marketing means. Marketing activities are carried out quarterly, within the scope of the new project the remuneration from the manufacturer is provided to the pharmacy immediately out of the premium amount. Thus, retailers benefit in time receiving a credit in the form of a grace period for payment, and in profit”, Evgeniy Korotkov, General Director of the ProApteka marketing association of independent pharmacies, explained. “We consolidate all our opportunities in an integrated programme of most advanced cooperation”.

ProApteka guarantees that the manufacturing companies taking part in the project will have the best conditions for adding of new items to the pharmacy range and for carrying out the necessary amount of marketing measures as well as for increasing the quality of the product range offered by the pharmacy.

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