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ZdravCity Service Became Partner to Yandex.Health

«ЗдравСити» стал партнером Яндекс.Здоровье

August 3, 2017. ZdravCity Online Service which belongs to CV PROTEK pharmacy distributor, became available through the Yandex.Health Application (Medicines Section). ZdravCity helps to find detailed descriptions of drugs, find out their cost and availability and allows to immediately order them in the selected pharmacy. It is possible to buy goods in any of the 14 thousand pharmacies across the country working with ZdravCity.

"Sometimes medicines have to be searched all over the city and the more medications are needed, the lower the chance is that they can be all found in one pharmacy. Yandex.Health solves this problem: with its help, you can find and order drugs in the pharmacy, where it is more convenient for you to pick them up," says Gregory Bakunov, the Head of the Yandex.Health Service.

Thanks to the partnership with ZdravCity, the Yandex.Health catalog now lists about 13,000 medicines and products for beauty and health. Users can read products’ descriptions, learn the indications for use, contraindications, analogues and place orders. Placing orders takes place through ZdravCity Service, it also provides the information on medicines. After one adds medicines to the basket, the application will show the nearest pharmacies where the medicines can be picked up. The service accepts orders for the amount starting with 500 rubles. When the order is complete, the application will send a push notification. The medicines are to be paid for in the pharmacy of the pick-up.

“Partnership with Yandex.Health is an important strategic step. We see in this partnership perspective of work widening with the Internet audience willing to receive health support services online. ZdravCity, on its part, opens access for users of the application to ordering medicines at affordable prices and of guaranteed quality,” said Oksana Kharitonova, Head of E-Commerce Department of CV Protek.

Yandex.Health is a mobile application for online consultations with doctors. Users can turn to pediatricians and the therapists, now; the doctors are ready to get in touch at any time. In the future, it will be possible to consult other specialists. The application is available for iOS and Android based devices.

ZdravCity is an online service of CV PROTEK which allows the end user to book medicines with further buying them at the nearest pharmacy. About 15 thousand pharmacies are connected to the service in 78 regions of the Russian Federation. The site offers 10 thousand items of the leading pharmaceutical distributor of the country. According to the results of the first half of 2017, sales of ZdravCity increased 17 times as compared to the same period in the last year, reaching 170 million rubles.

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