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Vesti ot PROTEKa

Vesti ot PROTEKa is a specialized business publication intended for pharmacy executives and pharmacists.

Circulation – 25,000 copies
Format – 250х345

Periodicity – once every two months
Distribution – FREE OF CHARGE, when the order is delivered to a pharmacy
Distribution channels – large and middle-sized pharmacy chains, retail pharmacies
Distribution geography – throughout the Russian Federation

Advertising capacity – placement of adverts, placement of sponsored articles, integration into editorial materials (advertorial), special-purpose projects: information graphics, cover publications. Formats are subject to sampling.

Client’s Portal

Client’s Portal is a specialized service for pharmacy employees which integrates, on a single platform, the convenient tools for collaboration with CV PROTEK and a data resource with up-to-date information about the pharmaceutical market.

Number of users - 30,000
User structure – large and middle-sized pharmacy chains
Coverage – throughout the Russian Federation

Traffic – 30,000 unique users per month, 148,000 page views, average time of a web-site visit – 25 minutes

Advertising capacity - placement of banners, information and advertising articles, presentations and videos, development and placement of information web-sites


Consolidated price list system for ordering medicines by pharmacies from 449 distributors.

Number of users: 17,000 pharmacies throughout Russia, 2,295 pharmacies in Moscow

Users structure:  58% non-chain retailing

Coverage: whole Russia

Advertising opportunities: placing advertisements at program startup, placing advertising banners in the price list, posting news, as well as the provision of data on secondary and tertiary sales (in 2 sections: a) sales by distributors to pharmacies: 449 distributors, 17,000 pharmacies; b) sales by pharmacies to end users: 2,900 pharmacies).

Idei dlya Pervostolnika magazine

Specialized encyclopedic nosology magazine for dispensing chemists.

Circulation: 25,000 copies (distributed together with the Vesti ot PROTEKa newspaper)

Frequency: once in two months

Audience: pharmacists

Coverage: whole Russia

Advertising opportunities: placement of advertisements, feature articles, and integration into the editorial material.

Poisk Lekarstv

Poisk Lekarstv is a public service to search medicines, and information on their availability in pharmacies in more than 65 regions of Russia (http://poisklekarstv.ru).

Number of visitors per month: 330,000

Advertising opportunities: placement of banners, entering new medicines in the medication guide, as well as reporting on residual stock of medicines in pharmacies and their prices (for 2,900 pharmacies).


Public internet portal that brings together pharmaceutical institutions and provides customers with a single service for medicines search and order.

Number of users per month: 600,000.

Coverage: whole territory of the Russian Federation (6,900 pharmacies).

Number of items: 12,000.

Advertising opportunities: placement of banners and advertorials, selection of top products, placement in the product of the day category.

Sample cases

Putting product samples into a single sample case that is handed over by representatives of CV Protek to heads of pharmacies personally.

Circulation: 15,000 copies.

Coverage: whole territory of the Russian Federation, non-chain retailing, small and medium-sized pharmacy chains.

Frequency: quarterly.

Advertising opportunities: product sample placement, sample-case branding.

Remote training

Remote training is a research and training project for pharmacy employees.

Format – posting of video lectures on the client’s portal

Audience – 300-500 people, chief pharmacists or pharmacists

Coverage – large and middle-sized pharmacy chains, retail pharmacies throughout the RF

Stages – provision of the information to pharmacies one month prior to the commencement of the training, carrying out a survey following the training results, various incentives, delivery of an extended report based on the training results.
Advertising capacity – posting of video lectures (30-40 min), placement of an advertising banner, tape-recording and video editing of lecture materials.


eZakaz is an electronic order system for healthcare products at CV PROTEK.
Number of users – over 20,000 pharmacies
Coverage – throughout the Russian Federtion

Advertising capacity – placement of adverts and banners